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Sunday, December 03, 2006

insert coin

after four work weeks, my account was finally reinstated in world. my account is still banned from the forum. i haven't received an official statement from LL's "review commitee" or anything, but it had been suggested to me that the hold on my account was in fact a suspension.

for one month, i was locked out from my (part-time) place of work. what was my crime? raising questions on the SL forums about some of the social practices that take place in the game. ironically while LL's only commercial product is a revolutionary communicative medium, the company run forum and blogs are carefully censored.

i'm not sure what to do now that i'm back in sl. i've lost a little bit of confidence in SL as a platform for the short term. i know its definitely on it's way to becoming one. however right now, while LL still has to play the dual role of developer and administrator of the metaverse, it's going to lean heavily towards game. i'm starting to hear the words "open source" more and more lately so perhaps the platform days are not so far.


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