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Saturday, December 10, 2005

teledud land

(file under unedited rant)

for what feels like two years, LL collected obscene amounts of money for telehub land. land around telehubs has ranged from 10 L$ to +40L$ per m2. the telehub sims consistently netted linden lab thousands of dollars more than other sims. players payed from their pocket for priviliged a privileged position.

with the return of p2p, LL has been left with worthless land. worthless says j-wu. why? because when all land is equal on the network, and the privilege is in topogrphy, not geography, the land locked telehub land is not the most desirable real estate.

to replace telehubs, LL is placing some player project called infonet. i don't know too much about it. i really don't care actually. what i know is this: Second Hell Tourbus: worst places in SL according to Infonet

ben linden make's a very compelling arguement for the return of p2p on his blog: Mo Money, Mo Problems?. nobody can argue that p2p is not the right move. however in regards to robin linden's proposal to turn telehubs into public spaces, made in this post, to ease the pain for land owners, i firmly believe that putting a lame information thing at every old telehub is a very unconvincing public space.

with p2p, distances are only relevant where flight time is shorter than teleport time. the virtual geography of the grid has now folded infinitely upon itself. all known locations are now adjacent. we only need one infonet terminal. beyond that, it is free advertising for a squagmire's pet project. is this info terminal going to build traffic on these sights? not really. what it will do is the inverse. it will benefit from traffic of it's neighbours.

if i owned old hub land i would feel really slighted that LL flipped the switch and gave me infospam for my cash. i think LL owes land owners a lot more then that. and LL owes the community a lot more than that.

my suggestion is that LL hold regular competitions to take in bids to redevelop these sights. the builds should be different, thus worth visiting. sites that impress, inspire, educate. infonet is a good example - FOR ONE HUB. here are some easy ideas for other things:

how about hosting GNU or other freebie junkyards?
how about the prim library in noyo. purchase it's content and disperse it around a few old hubs?
how about a script library?
how about instructional builds for scripting or texturing or animating?
how about an attractive public space focused around a few public chess boards or that prim game?
how about holding contests for amazing builds. offer 500-1000 USD to contestants as prize money. entice amazing builders like starax s., neil p., or eddie e. to enter contests with payouts that would grab their attention.

i think LL needs to take the time and make a serious list of potential people magnets. then they need to put out a Request For Proposals for these things. they need to publicize their budget for each of the items (and i'm not thinking 5k L$ for "high quality houses") or to request cost estimates with the proposals. they need to dip into some of that overflow collected from 2k-3k USD telehub sims they sold and pass that on to contractors to create real value for this land.