an exploration of the Secondlife platform as an immersive environment, a poltical space, and as a generative medium for architectural design.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Cyberland Comes Up for Air

well, well, well...

Our buddies at cyberland have finally issued a press release and it is a pretty exciting one (once you get past the extended apology and explanation of the lack of communication and action). After over half a year of working in secret, they are reporting that they have everything lined up for opening their own grid.

I was once a director of Cyberland and helped draft the original proposal for the off grid community. After my departure i always wondered what transpired of that idea. Despite being in the dark, I held on to my shares based on my faith in Shaun Altman and Buck Spinaker, the acting directors of the company.

I'm just very excited to see something happening at this company. It's secondlife's first publically traded company. Watch out for this one, people... it's success is going to turn some heads.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


found an interesting article on Second Life on an architecture site.

Architecture's Second Life

a good quote about second life's potential from the article that resonates with me:

"Well, virtual platforms, as such, are not breaking down any conventions, but they can help us to see things differently. Maybe even think differently. So it's not so much about changing things (doing the opposite), which is more like producing an image in a mirror while continuing to do the same. It is much more about changing the way things change." - Tor Lindstrand


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Real Story about Open Sourcing

overheard in the lunchroom

Philip Linden: Ben is quiting LL
Cory Linden: oh! We might as well embrace the inevitable